Meet our Travel Marketing Managers-Influencers

In a ME-Escapes Partnership, merchants can have the benefite to promote there resorts /proporties via one of below influencers. More details can be discussed with a ME-Escapes Consultant. Send us an email

Meet our colleagues below:



Loves sports/fitness & Travel, and a healthy lifestyle

Find here Vanessi’s Instagram account


Taylor 🌻🌊🌸✨🚎🌎

A hippie nomad, turned yachty captain, traveling the world chasing dreams and finding happiness

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A travel lover, surfing expert and always looking for fun in life

Find here Delphines instagram account



A Travel, fashion and sports minded lady

Find here Lorenas Instagram account.


A Cancer Servivor, personal trainer, entrepreneur, loves to travel

Find here Shannon’s instagram account


Ahlam  🇮🇹🇲🇦✨🌎

A Finalist Miss Italia 2015, travel lover, love beach Resorts

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Noemi  🇮🇹🌎✨

An actrice, modella & love to travel the world. She repressents televisionshows

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Milena 🌱🌸🌎✨

Loves Vegan, sports & psychology

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