Me-Escapes Privacy Statement:


Team Me-Escapes thanks you for being interested in our services in the first place.

Your Privacy is very critical for us so don’t hesitate to contact if there are any questions after reading our privacy statement below.


Our privacy statement is for:

  • (and all sub pages)


If you would like a insight of all the information we collected about you, our you want all information to be deleted, please contact


The following information we collect thru our website and social media channels

  • Contact details: Name, e-mail address, physical address, social media page, gender, comments and phone number are collected. You give us this data by filling in any form on our website, subscribe our email list or like one of our social media pages
  • E-mail traffic: We collect and store all e-mail traffic to one of our addresses
  • Bookings: We collect and forward the data of your booking to one of the resorts on Except for the contact details we collect the period of your booking as well.
  • Indirectly we collect your behavior on our website such as: Which pages you visited, which resorts you looked at, which device you used, from which country you had a look on our website and how long your visits are on and all sub pages. This data can be collected by analyzing our website with tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads.


What do we do with the collected data.

The E-mail address is used for:

  • Newsletters to announce new resorts, win promotions or other deals
  • Changes in privacy statement our terms and conditions are announced by e-mail
  • Answering any questions via the contact form on our website or any direct email to one of our addresses.

The contact details:

  • We use these details to analyse our target audience to optimize our marketing strategy.
  • The contact details can be shared with third parties, only to complete a booking.


What we never collect are:

  • Citizen service numbers
  • Bank details